About Us

MCOE Oversight

The Meridian Center of Excellence is guided by the Meridian Team. The Meridian Team is a Vice-President appointed, cross-institutional group with the following membership.

  • Vanessa Rael – Meridian Center of Excellence, Academic Affairs
  • Rebecca Flintoft – Student Life
  • Lia Franklin – Student Life
  • Katy Ginger –  Meridian Center of Excellence, Administration & Operations
  • David Lee – Technology
  • Vicki Nichol – Administration & Operations
  • Jill Robertson –  Academic Affairs

MCOE Members

  • Katy Ginger
  • Vanessa Rael
  • Lia Franklin


  • Project manager
  • Facilitator
  • Change agent



  1. Project Approval
    • Coordinate project planning and documentation
    • Coordinate approval and prioritization with BATAC (Business and Technology Administration Committee)
    • Ensure policies/procedures are followed and up-to-date
    • Provide list of projects and project status
  2. Facilitator
    • Understand functional business processes
    • Provide external perspective and question why
    • Guide business process re-engineering within functional areas:
      • mapping current processes
      • mapping re-engineered processes
      • identifying pain points & kapows
      • ensure gathering of data and metrics to support propsed solutions
    • Ensure business process re-engineering follow-up within functional areas:
      • development and documentation of goals, timelines, action items and implementation plans
      • facilitate resolutions to barriers with campus (e.g. executive, departmental, etc.)
  3. Change Agent
    • Provide managing change presentations at different levels
    • Provide change and/or re-engineering exercises
    • Outline expectations related to changes (procedural and emotional)
    • Provide customer/campus perspective to processes
  4. Project Management
    • Identify sponsor and work with sponsor to identify project expectations, goals, timelines and communication strategy
    • Coordinate with sponsors and subject matter experts to determine project participants and roles/responsibilities
    • Communicate expectations
    • Review policies, procedures and deliverables
    • Develop recommendation memo for approval of action items by sponsor Vice President
    • Ensure project closeout
      • document completion of action items
      • communication to stakeholders
      • lessons learned

Contact us at: meridian@mines.edu